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Welcome to the qat programming language. qat is envisioned to be a superfast, modern systems language for efficient and maintainable software. Aldrin Mathew is the author and maintainer of the language

My understanding is that a programming language, makes it possible for the programmer to use the power of the hardware and direct it to do things that has to be done. As such, the language takes a point in not restricting the programmer too much. The "too much" part is important, because allowing users to use the language without any restrictions, can degrade the quality of the software. On the other end, having too many restrictions in the name of safety, correctness or superficial philosophies, will in fact, degrade the developer experience, doesn't let them express their logic via the code efficiently and can also degrade the quality of the software.

The ideal experience for the developer and the user is a balance of the extremes. It's similar to how the ideal way to program is to not to stick to any one paradigm, but to instead be neutral and opt for the pattern that suits the task at hand.